Our Carp Origin

Back in 2004 our company realised the need in this country for Bio secure carp. With so many imports both legal (pet trade) and illegal (restocking) containing both SVC and KHV this risked both the ornamental trade and the beautiful carp strains which we have in our English waters.

In response to this we pioneered a health testing program and following Cefas guidelines we attained the highest health status of any carp farm in the UK. This actually allowed us to legally export our fish to places where others could not.

Our English site is expanding rapidly producing many quality English carp, and because of our status, we are now able to utilise the fact we have extended growing periods and warmer temperatures, in the massive 10 acre USA ponds.

All of our hard work in health testing over the years has opened up this door so we can legally grow some of our very own English carp in the USA. They can then return to our UK farm to be stocked into English waters - 100% legal, above board and safe!!  

The USA farm is also a bio secure site, therefore we have been able to send our very own brood stock and fry from the UK. We have not allowed any other carp (apart from our own) to enter, thus maintaining the officially recognised health status on a parallel to our UK farm.

So to summarise our objective was and is to protect UK carp stocks against the dangerous illegal European imports. We are able to offer KHV and SVC free fish for the restocking and ornamental trades. You can still buy with confidence that our Bio secure “English” carp are the highest health status in the UK!

Oh and did we mention the stunning looks and excellent growth rates?

Farm Manager Tony Campbell

"We are not fish dealers, we produce all of our own fish on our spring fed sites, both of which are high Bio-secure sites; this is extremely advantageous for maintaining our uniquely high health status and also for customer confidence."

Stockman John Trevett

Stock Manager Ed Daw

Maintenance Manager Richard Smith