Prices 2016/2017

Species Size Price
  Carp C1  2-4"  50p each
  Carp C1  4-6"  90p each
  Carp C2  8" - 2.5lbs  £5.50/lb
  Carp C3  3lb - 6lb  £8.00/lb
  Carp C4  7lb - 10lb  £13.00/lb
  Carp C4  10lb - 12lb  £15.00/lb
  Carp C5  12lb - 16lb  £19.00/lb
  Carp C5  16lb - 18lb  £25.00/lb
  Carp C6  18lb - 20lb  £30.00/lb
  Carp C6  20lb - 22lbs  £35.00/lb
  Carp C6  22lb - 25lb  £40.00/lb
 Microchipping  Implant - £15
 Rudd (Silver/Gold)  2-4"  50p each
 Rudd (Silver/Gold)  4-6"  90p each
 Tench  N/A  POA

Please see our list to the right for our most up-to-date 2016/17 prices.

Special Offers

Special Offers will be listed here when they are running.

VAT & Delivery

All prices excluding VAT. Delivery charge may vary depending on destination and size of order. 

Generally as a rough guide £1.50 per mile each way. We are based near Warminster, Wilts.


Microchipping for large Carp is priced based on labour and the implant at £15.00 per fish.

Green/Golden Tench

 Tench are available on a limited basis, please email via our contacts page for further information.

Ghost Carp

Under the right circumstances we will sell Ghost Carp for the restocking market. Please feel free to enquire via email for a price.